A new brand asks for a great online positioning. That's how our partnership with Pé de Fruta began in May 2016. The store, that offers natural juices, snacks and vitamins, was about to be oppened in the city of Matipó (MG) and with it, we launched the fanpage and profile on Instagram.

Fruits, colors and flavours. Like all the products of the store, the communication strategy of Pé de Fruta is also fresh and dynamic. In a short while, the brand has been conquering more and more fans and customers that are in love with its acai! 


“They are both experts on the subject. I was well assisted and our meetings were always very objective, saving time for me and giving Duo the headroom to work. I recommend their service to everyone. Thank you for our partnership!” (Andre Luiz - Pé de Fruta)

Our jobs with Pé de Fruta:

  • Fanpage and Profile content planning

  • Fanpage and Instagram daily management

  • Facebook campaign development

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