“Excellent professionals with an unique talent that differentiates them on the market. They know how to listen to their clients and understand theirs businesses, turning it into creative actions that make all the difference to the company’s image. It has been a fascinating experience working with Duo. I recommend them with confidence and satisfaction with the service provided” (Silvana Rossini - SR Holistic Lifestyle Coach)

It is with this good feeling that our partnership with the coach Silvan Rossini has been happening. She already had a brand, but it had been chosen intuitively. At first, our partnership would only contemplate planning content for the fanpage, that had not been updated for a while.

We analyzed the original brand and noticed that it could be different considering some concepts of marketing and consumer psychology. We decided to risk it, and along with the proposed fanpage management, we presented the concept of a new brand. Silvana fell in love and we carried on with an integrated project and with much success.

Our jobs with SR Holistic Lifestyle Coach:

  • Brand creation

  • Visual Identity development

  • Fanpage and Profile content and campaigns planning

  • Fanpage and Instagram daily management

  • Printed materials creation, like business card, writing paper and folder

  • Website development

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